Statement of Purpose Graduate School Sample

Can a Graduate School Statement of Purpose Example Help You?

quality statement of purpose writingGetting into graduate school is far from easy and many applicants will be disappointed due to the high level of competition. Even if you have good GMAT or GRE test results and an exceptional GPA you will often be competing against many others that are going to have similar results. So unless your application is able to make you stand out in some other way you still may be unsuccessful.

A good statement of purpose graduate school sample is one way to help you to get an edge with your application. Often the Statement of Purpose (SoP) can be the most important part of your application. It is often the only route that you have to make yourself stand out from the many others applying for the place that you want. If you are able to write it in a way that is going to grab the attention of the admissions committee then you are going to make your application memorable and boost your chances of being selected.

Our statement of purpose writing service has been supporting students with their applications for more than 5 years online. Through us, you will be able to view an effective sample statement of purpose for graduate school that will help you with your own application.

How Can You Use a Statement of Purpose Graduate School Sample?

statement of purpose writing supportOur statement of purpose graduate school examples are some of the best that you will be able to find online. By looking at our graduate school essay sample you will be able to see just how others have tackled their writing and the style that needs to be used if you are to get their attention. Our graduate school purpose statement sample will also show you clearly the different areas that you will need to cover within your writing.

Your SoP must, however, reflect who you are and what you have to offer. So you cannot simply copy a sample statement of purpose graduate school and expect it to gain you a place. It will not show who you are and nor will it target the specific expectations of the program that you are applying to. Your statement must be unique to you in every way. A good statement of purpose to graduate school sample can be used for writing guidance only.

How to Write Your Perfect Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

SoP writing is not an easy task even if you have looked at a good purpose statement graduate school sample. You will still need some guidance as to what makes for a good statement.

The following writing tips will help you to create something that is going to get you noticed for all of the right reasons:

  • Review the requirements of the program that you are applying to and identify all of the specific skills and qualities that they are looking for to include within your writing.
  • Check their specific requirements for writing, format, length, and submission to ensure that you follow their expectations fully.
  • Your opening line needs to be written in a way that is going to grab the attention of the reader fully. Spend extra time to ensure that this line will be effective.
  • Tell the story with your statement rather than just providing a simple list of why they should accept you. A good story based on a relevant anecdote can make your statement fully memorable.
  • Use language in your writing that anyone can understand. Do not try to be clever by using fancy words that people may have to look up to understand.
  • Always use your own words for your writing. Never plagiarize and do not even use quotations within your writing. Also, avoid any clichés as they want to hear your own voice.
  • Talk about yourself. They want to get to know who you are and why you are applying not to read about anything else. So make yourself the full subject of this all-important essay.
  • Be honest, if you exaggerate or lie within your statement you will often be found out. Especially if you are invited for an interview and they ask you to elaborate on what you have written.
  • Always carefully review and proofread your personal statement. Any issues with your writing could see your application overlooked in favor of another applicant.

Think long and hard about what you need to write, as this piece of advice from the University of Northern Iowa says:

“I would guess virtually all grad-school applicants when they write their first draft of the statement of purpose, will get it wrong. Much of what you have learned about writing and also about how to present yourself will lead you astray.”

We Can Help with Your Graduate School Application

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